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Light Box Rental Service

A captivating addition to elevate the ambiance of your special events. Our Light Box is a versatile and enchanting lighting solution. This portable and easy-to-use light box is perfect for a myriad of occasions.

- No setup, no assembly. Ready to use out of the box
- Rechargeable (no wires). 8+ hour battery life

- Full-color customization possible
- Unbreakable: shatterproof and durable for transport

- Available: 6 x 20" - 5 x 16"

Stachian Toppers

Clear and informative signs help provide directions, offer advice or instructions, and ensure the proper flow of customers at your establishment. The perfect way to get your message across to the masses waiting in line at your business, this frame creates a sleek, professional look in any setting.

- Direct customers and visitors at service counters or special events.

- Insert your own message

 - Double-sided, vertical design for increased visibility


iPad Kiosk with headphone mount - 54"
Can be used to showcase interactive content to visitors, including wayfinding signage, advertisements, 

brand information, check-in screens, and more!
- Full-color customization and branding
- Built-in cable management, conceal wires in a hollow post

20240202_124035-EDIT (1)_edited_edited.jpg
20240202_124042-EDIT (1)_edited.png

Heavy Duty Nylon Saddle Sandbag with Handle
- Classic double saddle-style sandbags
- Used for securing the bases of light stands, tripods, canopies, set walls...


Table and Chair Rental 
We offer a convenient solution for individuals and businesses hosting events, ranging from weddings and parties to corporate gatherings and conferences. Also used for back-of-house organizing. We offer delivery, setup, and pickup services, easing the logistical burden for event organizers. Whether it's a small intimate affair or a large-scale event, renting tables and chairs provides flexibility and affordability without sacrificing style or quality.


3'x3' - ADA ramp
ADA recommends a 1:12 slope
- Provide wheelchair access to your events
- Help speed loading/unloading
- Strong yet lightweight easily portable and convenient


Standard and adjustable sign-holder

- Easily slides in from the top to the bottom

 - Durable steel construction

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